The works of all the dynasties.

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The Poor Crown of James Zurbj
The Decayed Safe of Charlotte Zurbj
The Unique Plans of Jessica Zurbj
The Exceptional Plans of Ishido Zurbj
The Famous Crown of Akiba Zurbj
The Historic History book of Kanita Zurbj
The Beautiful History book of Kanita Zurbj
The Standard Whip of Sato Zurbj
The Disturbing Armor of Tao Zurbj
The Grotesque Power stone of Tsukino Zurbj
The Poor Power stone of Kanita Zurbj
The Decayed Abacus of Tsukino Zurbj
The Unique Abacus of Indira Zurbj
The Exceptional Abacus of Wibawa Zurbj
The Famous Gold mask of Wibawa Zurbj
The Historic Wood box of Banyong Zurbj
The Beautiful Make up set of Wawira Ait suhla
The Standard Wood sculpture of Ogheneme Zurbj
The Disturbing Make up set of Alara Ait suhla
The Grotesque Rope of Qalhata Daboros
The Poor Forgery of Anaborhi Daboros
The Decayed Coin collection of Abeo Daboros
The Unique Painting of Makena Daboros
The Exceptional Painting of Ilozumba Daboros
The Famous Chopper of Qalhata Daboros
The Historic Hammer of Buneb Daboros
The Beautiful Crown of Ibada Maisadebbe
The Standard Crown of Adjatay Maisadebbe
The Disturbing Crown of Udad Maisadebbe
The Grotesque Bells of Jol Dab
The Poor Lute of Qalhata Nguyenell
The Decayed Lute of Utatrerses Nguyenell
The Unique Lute of Menhet Nguyenell
The Exceptional Lute of Erhue Nguyenell
The Famous Ring of Khorshid Dab
The Historic Lute of Ogheneme Nguyenell
The Beautiful Lockpick of Beletum Dab
The Standard Shovel of Dariush Dab
The Disturbing Chopper of Kerubo Maisadebbe
The Grotesque Crown of Anaborhi Maisadebbe
The Poor Crown of Dassin Maisadebbe
The Decayed Crown of Nedjeh Maisadebbe
The Unique Poem of Adebiyi Maisadebbe
The Exceptional Poem of Abeo Maisadebbe
The Famous Crown of Djedhor Maisadebbe
The Poor Wood sculpture of
The Decayed of     

The Decayed of is a 2000 years old piece made by , a living in .

Considering its age and the quality of the work, people consider it of no value.

It is engraved with patterns and some symbols pertaining to .

Though exposed in this museum, this piece belongs to the last of the family, , currently living in .