The works of all the dynasties.

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The Unique Shovel of Zoputan Dufour
The Exceptional Shirt of Teriahi Train
The Famous Shield of Adebiyi Dufour
The Historic Shirt of Chikondi Train
The Beautiful Shirt of Gwafa Train
The Standard Encyclopedia of Dassin Dufour
The Disturbing Ring of Han Guarder
The Grotesque Bottle of Cheng Guarder
The Poor Sheet of Alda Guarder
The Decayed Hood of Elanur Guarder
The Unique Goblet of Kaa Guarder
The Exceptional Goblet of Hemaka Guarder
The Famous Goblet of Kahina Guarder
The Historic Door of Behenu Guarder
The Beautiful Lockpick of Cleopatra Gardenerfitz
The Standard Basket of Persenet Gardenerfitz
The Disturbing Shoe of Amasis Gardenerfitz
The Grotesque Sheet of Kesandu Gardenerfitz
The Poor Sheet of Kesandu Gardenerfitz
The Decayed Ring of Wawira Gardenerfitz
The Unique Ring of Wawira Gardenerfitz
The Exceptional Axe of Meddur Gardenerfitz
The Famous Shoe of Behenu Gardenerfitz
The Historic Hood of Enku Gardenerfitz
The Beautiful Lute of Utatrerses Zio
The Standard Lute of Sekhmakh Zio
The Disturbing Lute of Khabekhnet Zio
The Grotesque Make up set of Chepkirui Zio
The Poor Shoe of Gilukhipa Zio
The Decayed Shoe of Tafsut Zio
The Unique Shoe of Idder Zio
The Exceptional Shoe of Illi Zio
The Famous Pillow of Bayissa Apothecaryer
The Historic Pillow of Chapusana Apothecaryer
The Beautiful Chopper of Fasika Zehraoui
The Standard Chopper of Fasika Zehraoui
The Disturbing Lute of Wawira Zehraoui
The Grotesque Hamper of Udjebten Zehraoui
The Poor Lute of Teriahi Zehraoui
The Decayed Lute of Butemwe Zehraoui
The Unique Lute of Butemwe Zehraoui
The Exceptional Goblet of Adjatay Jewelerkin
The Famous Robe of Chinecherem Ironbreacker
The Historic Vase of Shabaka Jibu
The Beautiful Pillow of Udumebraye Jibu
The Standard Shirt of Buneb Jibu
The Disturbing Shoe of Zawadi Jibu
The Grotesque Rock of Teriahi Jibu
The Poor Fresco of Anaborhi Jaakobaher
The Decayed Drug pouch of Soteira Barak varr
The Unique Shovel of Dariush Barak varr
The Exceptional Hammer of Butemwe Barak varr
The Famous Goblet of Hemaka Theaesi
The Historic Abacus of Kahina Valence
The Beautiful Abacus of Awawa Valence
The Standard Abacus of Mongo Valence
The Disturbing Wood sculpture of Rahotep Valence
The Grotesque Abacus of Chapusana Valence
The Poor Painting of Takama Valence
The Decayed Painting of Kaa Valence
The Unique Bells of Amasis Valence
The Exceptional Bells of Habtamu Valence
The Famous Shield of Makena Valence
The Historic Spear of Baragsen Valence
The Beautiful Spear of Khabekhnet Valence
The Standard Spear of Udjebten Imanell
The Disturbing Vase of Jol Radekoff
The Grotesque Black suit of Aserkamani Adjataysson
The Poor Holy relic of Bita Adjataysson
The Decayed Holy relic of Bita Adjataysson
The Unique Shirt of Meddur Adjataysson
The Exceptional Shirt of Meddur Adjataysson
The Famous Shirt of Rahotep Adjataysson
The Historic Shirt of Abeba Adjataysson
The Beautiful Anatomy chart of Osorkon Adjataysson
The Standard Lute of Persenet Adjataysson
The Disturbing Encyclopedia of Sekhmakh Adjataysson
The Grotesque Lute of Hemaka Adjataysson
The Poor Mould of Abeo Adjataysson
The Decayed Chopper of Emetemedia Berdinecox
The Unique Lockpick of Wazad Berdinecox
The Exceptional Lockpick of Wazad Berdinecox
The Famous Spear of Thutmose De citron
The Historic Lute of Buneb Gasarich
The Beautiful Bottle of Hemaka Jewelerell
The Standard Manuscript of Hemaka Jewelerell
The Disturbing Hat of Chausiku Jewelerell
The Grotesque Ring of Dassin Jewelerell
The Poor Bottle of Naserian Jewelerell
The Decayed Bottle of Nedjeh Jewelerell
The Unique Bottle of Erhue Jewelerell
The Exceptional Crown of Urhie Jewelerell
The Famous Crown of Urhie Jewelerell
The Historic Crown of Ogheneme Jewelerell
The Beautiful Crown of Menhet Jewelerell
The Standard Crown of Kioko Jewelerell
The Disturbing Sword of Karimala Jewelerell
The Grotesque Lute of Ejikeme Jewelerell
The Poor Lute of Pebatjma Jewelerell
The Decayed Lute of Mansa Jewelerell
The Unique Cloth of Adaeze Jewelerell
The Exceptional Knife of Ogheneme Jewelerell
The Famous Mould of Illi Jewelerell
The Historic Sickle of Akinyi Mamouth
The Beautiful Painting of Khensa Mamouth
The Standard Sheet of Aat Mamouth
The Disturbing Lute of Adebiyi Mamouth
The Grotesque Hammer of Sekhmakh Mamouth
The Poor Door of Chepkirui Savois
The Decayed Sheet of Kyela Valenti
The Unique Pillow of Afshin Slaveoui
The Exceptional Encyclopedia of Simeon Slaveoui
The Famous Training suit of Epimanes Slaveoui
The Historic Rock of Yasmin Slaveoui
The Beautiful Wood sculpture of Beletum Slaveoui
The Standard Necklace of Levi Slaveoui
The Disturbing Manuscript of Beletum Slaveoui
The Grotesque Manuscript of Dazuzum Slaveoui
The Poor Crown of Husain Slaveoui
The Decayed Crown of Karima Slaveoui
The Unique Ring of Ahassunu Slaveoui
The Exceptional Sword of Brukawit Slaveoui
The Famous Sword of Ahassunu Slaveoui
The Historic Lute of Abeo Slaveoui
The Beautiful Lute of Khabekhnet Slaveoui
The Standard Lute of Zawadi Slaveoui
The Disturbing Lute of Utatrerses Slaveoui
The Grotesque Shield of Adjatay Slaveoui
The Poor Basket of Nedjem Slaveoui
The Decayed Shield of Chikondi Aslanesi
The Unique Pillow of Pebatjma Aslanesi
The Exceptional Net of Udad Juliettekin
The Famous Bust of Shahzad Yggart
The Historic Bust of Rachel Yggart
The Beautiful Armor of Bat-Shahar Yggart
The Standard Goblet of Bita Yggart
The Disturbing Make up set of Kesandu Yggart
The Grotesque Forgery of Udad Rouyeras
The Poor Forgery of Udad Rouyeras
The Decayed Forgery of Butemwe Rouyeras
The Unique Rock of Mansa Rouyeras
The Exceptional Axe of Adebiyi Rouyeras
The Famous Sheet of Udumebraye Rouyeras
The Historic Clown outfit of Ejikeme Rouyeras
The Beautiful Bells of Awawa Rouyeras
The Standard Pillow of Djedhor Rouyeras
The Disturbing Basket of Chepkirui Adjataycox
The Grotesque Shoe of Zawadi Felicidades
The Poor Goblet of Iput Felicidades
The Decayed Axe of Nedjeh Felicidades
The Unique Lockpick of Onanojah Felicidades
The Exceptional Sickle of Wagguten Felicidades
The Famous Cloth of Chibarameze Iremcox
The Historic Collection of Liu Armen
The Beautiful Crown of Indira Armen
The Standard Crown of Akiba Armen
The Disturbing Crown of Wibawa Armen
The Grotesque Net of Akiba Armen
The Poor Crown of Tao Armen
The Decayed Crown of Isaac Armen
The Unique Ring of Ananda Armen
The Exceptional Coin collection of Ece Armen
The Famous Bells of Judith Armen
The Historic Compass of Ku-enlila Armen
The Beautiful Compass of Ishtar-ibbi Armen
The Standard Abacus of Nedjem Armen
The Disturbing Formal robe of Aat Armen
The Grotesque Theory of Osorkon Armen
The Poor Ring of Udad Armen
The Decayed Ring of Bakshishum Armen
The Unique Ring of Ishtar-ibbi Armen
The Exceptional Ring of Yafa Armen
The Famous Ring of Yafa Armen
The Historic Lute of Yasmin Armen
The Beautiful Mould of Abeo Armen
The Standard Lute of Orisa Armen
The Disturbing Lute of Orisa Armen
The Grotesque Lute of Anaborhi Armen
The Poor Chopper of Ogheneme Armen
The Decayed Shirt of Urhie Armen
The Unique Compass of Claire Chepkiruikin
The Exceptional Compass of Publius Chepkiruikin
The Famous Ring of Khensa Chepkiruikin
The Historic Painting of Habtamu Chepkiruikin
The Beautiful Painting of Habtamu Chepkiruikin
The Standard Wood sculpture of Udad Chepkiruikin
The Disturbing Amulet of Gilukhipa Chepkiruikin
The Grotesque Wood box of Takama Chepkiruikin
The Poor Saddle of Urhie Chepkiruikin
The Decayed Mould of Bayissa Chepkiruikin
The Unique Crown of Philometora Dell angel
The Exceptional Crown of Ahassunu Dell angel
The Famous Crown of Aaron Dell angel
The Historic Ring of Eshargamelat Dell angel
The Beautiful Painting of Elanur Dell angel
The Standard Ring of Claire Dell angel
The Disturbing Ring of Kalina Dell angel
The Grotesque Ring of Bita Dell angel
The Poor Ring of Farid Dell angel
The Decayed Compass of Elanur Dell angel
The Unique Talisman of Shahzad Dell angel
The Exceptional Compass of Belinay Dell angel
The Famous Ring of Hezekiah Dell angel
The Historic Abacus of Bashira Dell angel
The Beautiful Staff of Poyraz Dell angel
The Standard Abacus of Levi Dell angel
The Disturbing Torch of Ku-enlila Dell angel
The Grotesque Spoon of Nadia Dell angel
The Poor Vase of Daria Dell angel
The Decayed Vase of Daria Dell angel
The Unique Vase of Yasmin Dell angel
The Exceptional Make up set of Yadidatum Dell angel
The Famous Mould of Ku-enlila Dell angel
The Historic Mould of Onanojah Dell angel
The Beautiful Mould of Onanojah Dell angel
The Standard Spear of Zoputan Monopthalmoskin
The Disturbing Rake of Yoruba Voodoo
The Grotesque Wine bottle of Amasis Voodoo
The Poor Make up set of Karimala Voodoo
The Decayed Bells of Kesandu Voodoo
The Unique Goblet of Hana Sara
The Exceptional Make up set of Chatur Sara
The Famous Sheet of Ferdinand Sara
The Historic Fresco of Iput Sara
The Beautiful Sword of Hemaka Sara
The Standard Scepter of Ilozumba Sara
The Disturbing Sickle of Lunja Prostitutesson
The Grotesque Shoe of Fasika Prostitutesson
The Poor Crown of Shanti Kyelacox
The Decayed Ring of Tao Kyelacox
The Unique Ring of Sato Kyelacox
The Exceptional Ring of Tao Kyelacox
The Famous Ring of Hans Kyelacox
The Historic Crown of Dariush Kyelacox
The Beautiful Crown of Dariush Kyelacox
The Standard Crown of Humusi Kyelacox
The Disturbing Crown of Humusi Kyelacox
The Grotesque Crown of Irem Kyelacox
The Poor Crown of Yagiz Kyelacox
The Decayed Crown of Mert Kyelacox
The Unique Bust of Aaron Kyelacox
The Exceptional Bust of Ahassunu Kyelacox
The Famous Bust of Yusuf Kyelacox
The Historic Bells of Nethaneel Kyelacox
The Beautiful Mask of Abdul Kyelacox
The Standard Wood box of Elanur Kyelacox
The Disturbing Goblet of Nadia Kyelacox
The Grotesque Crown of Patrick Kyelacox
The Poor Crown of Patrick Kyelacox
The Decayed Crown of Annelise Kyelacox
The Unique Crown of Epimanes Kyelacox
The Exceptional Bells of Bertha Kyelacox
The Famous Bells of Oliver Kyelacox
The Historic Bells of Claire Kyelacox
The Beautiful Bells of Epiphaneia Kyelacox
The Standard Bells of Pablo Kyelacox
The Disturbing Bells of Fabia Kyelacox
The Grotesque Bells of Charlotte Kyelacox
The Poor Make up set of Zoputan Kyelacox
The Decayed Lute of Kesandu Dassinell
The Unique Lute of Kioko Dassinell
The Exceptional Lute of Akinyi Debito
The Famous Shoe of Hemaka Debito
The Historic Shoe of Cleopatra Debito
The Beautiful Pillow of Pebatjma Debito
The Standard Shoe of Osorkon Debito
The Disturbing Ring of Persenet Soteirafitz
The Grotesque Bottle of Brukawit Soteirafitz
The Poor Poem of Chausiku Soteirafitz
The Decayed Poem of Chausiku Soteirafitz
The Unique Poem of Aat Soteirafitz
The Exceptional Lute of Ananda Soteirafitz
The Famous Lute of Rahotep Soteirafitz
The Historic Goblet of Apunanwu Soteirafitz
The Beautiful Lute of Meddur Soteirafitz
The Standard Door of Markunda Soteirafitz
The Disturbing Mould of Wawuda Soteirafitz
The Grotesque Door of Iput Soteirafitz
The Poor Crown of James Zurbj
The Decayed Safe of Charlotte Zurbj
The Unique Plans of Jessica Zurbj
The Exceptional Plans of Ishido Zurbj
The Famous Crown of Akiba Zurbj
The Historic History book of Kanita Zurbj
The Beautiful History book of Kanita Zurbj
The Standard Whip of Sato Zurbj
The Disturbing Armor of Tao Zurbj
The Grotesque Power stone of Tsukino Zurbj
The Poor Power stone of Kanita Zurbj
The Decayed Abacus of Tsukino Zurbj
The Unique Abacus of Indira Zurbj
The Exceptional Abacus of Wibawa Zurbj
The Famous Gold mask of Wibawa Zurbj
The Historic Wood box of Banyong Zurbj
The Beautiful Make up set of Wawira Ait suhla
The Standard Wood sculpture of Ogheneme Zurbj
The Disturbing Make up set of Alara Ait suhla
The Grotesque Rope of Qalhata Daboros
The Poor Forgery of Anaborhi Daboros
The Decayed Coin collection of Abeo Daboros
The Unique Painting of Makena Daboros
The Exceptional Painting of Ilozumba Daboros
The Famous Chopper of Qalhata Daboros
The Historic Hammer of Buneb Daboros
The Beautiful Crown of Ibada Maisadebbe
The Standard Crown of Adjatay Maisadebbe
The Disturbing Crown of Udad Maisadebbe
The Grotesque Bells of Jol Dab
The Poor Lute of Qalhata Nguyenell
The Decayed Lute of Utatrerses Nguyenell
The Unique Lute of Menhet Nguyenell
The Exceptional Lute of Erhue Nguyenell
The Famous Ring of Khorshid Dab
The Historic Lute of Ogheneme Nguyenell
The Beautiful Lockpick of Beletum Dab
The Standard Shovel of Dariush Dab
The Disturbing Chopper of Kerubo Maisadebbe
The Grotesque Crown of Anaborhi Maisadebbe
The Poor Crown of Dassin Maisadebbe
The Decayed Crown of Nedjeh Maisadebbe
The Unique Poem of Adebiyi Maisadebbe
The Exceptional Poem of Abeo Maisadebbe
The Famous Crown of Djedhor Maisadebbe
The Poor Wood sculpture of
The Beautiful Spear of Khabekhnet Valence     

The Beautiful Spear of Khabekhnet Valence is a 4563 years old piece made by Khabekhnet Valence, a hunter living in Ife.

Considering its age and the quality of the work, people consider it of priceless value.

It is engraved with african patterns and some symbols pertaining to Animism.

Though exposed in this museum, this piece belongs to the last of the Valence family, Aserkamani, currently living in Qanbalu.