One Family
How to play
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1 - The goal of the game is to reach 2000 AD with all the stats (health, influence, culture, genetics and will) > 90

2 - Your stats are capped by the place you live in. Try to always seek the biggest cities of your era. Cities rise and die, if it's slowly decreasing in size, it's time to move on.

3 - Wealth impacts your chances of adoption and a tiny bit on most of the choices. If you are rich BUT with a low income, wealth will be decreasing. On the long end, wealth is dependant on your job.

4 - Influence impacts the quality of the job you can access to. The safest jobs that can earn you a lot need a lot of influence.

5 - Culture impacts the chances to create something that will last in your family. Culture is affected by choices but also your religion.

6 - Genetics impacts your lifespan, your chances to find a spouse, and your chances to have a child.

7 - Will impacts a little bit of every choice, but matters a lot when it comes to find a good spouse and is essential to get the bests jobs you can have access to.

8 - Religion decides the polygamy or monogamy of your family. A new religion can impact your culture. A religion disrespected in a place can lead to oppression and witch hunts - however social oppression can sometimes strenghten the will and the culture.

9 - Your children will have the same job you had. However, if your spouse has a better job, it might be better to make your spouse the next leader of your family, so your children will take on their job.

10 - You can sell/donate/use artefacts you made for influence, wealth or will. The more you wait, the better the boost. But age alone won't decide the price of your treasure.